Are you a mermaid, merman, siren, or merfolk looking to be a part of an amazing mer community in the D.C. Metro area?


Metro Merfolk is a pod of profession and hobbiest mer who meet up for swims, classes, and events. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you’re brand new!

Don’t have a tail? No worries—we have tails you can rent for your swims with us!

We partner with fantastic educators and companies to bring our members the best trainings to enhance their swimming and mer skills.


Metro Merfolk would love to celebrate with you! We offer a fantastic party package + lots of extras to make your event even more memorable!

Our Members Speak

All of our Metro Merfolk instructors are lifeguard certified so they can teach in any pool.

Our goal is to grow the Merfolk Community with safe and effective mermaiding techniques.

Metro Merfolk only teaches mermaiding techniques in tails, not regular swim lessons. If you’re inquiring about out-of-tail swim lessons, please check with your local pool for some great classes or we’ll be happy to refer you to programs at our favorite local pools.

Anyone working with us needs to have basic swim skills before signing up for any of our programs to ensure everyone’s safety.

Are you ready to join us?

My best experience so far as been meeting the people who are now my best friends! Getting to swim, craft, and attend MerMagic Con with everyone has been so amazing!

-Mermaid Montara

Don't Have A Tail Of Your Own?

Rather Own Your Own Tail?

Our members get a special discount on their tail purchases. Find out more here:

We’re associated with Blue Alchemy Freediving Academy.

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Metro Merfolk has appeared on local television stations, newspapers, blogs, and more. If you’d like to schedule and interview or photo op, please email us.

If you’re a Merson then these are your people! It’s like finding this big, active extended family with a common interest that ties everyone together. Come swim with us!

-Merman Daniel Keeper of Hidden Cove

My best experiences with the pod have been the meet ups, epic sleepovers, Mer-Magic Con and the dinners after the meetups.

-Mermaid MistyGrayc

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